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What is Talomat?

Talomat is a Finnish smart home system, which takes energy efficiency, housing comfort and safety in your home on to a whole new level. Talomat includes intelligent LED lighting control and burglary, fire and water leak alarms and it can be easily attached to solar energy.

Talomat smart home is easily expandable and suitable from powerless small cottages to large homes and also to public premises such as shops and restaurants. With this system, you’ll get lighting control, building control system and adjustments under the same easy-to-use system.

Talomat system can be used via 7″ touch screen, switches and also in WiFi with your computer, phone and tablet.

Talomat system’s history reaches more than 10 years back, when system development started in Oulu. After that Talomat system’s development, assembly, sales and marketing was sold to Control Intelligence Oy in Tampere. As a result, Talomat dealers and end users have local support for sales, installation and maintenance in Finland.


Talomat at home and public premises

Talomat at home

Talomat control panel has a 7″touch screen, which is operating all functions of the house. Control panel is included in largest Talomat product packages, but it is optional for smaller packages too. With control panel you can program lighting features, adjust interior- and exterior lighting on/off or dimming, control burglary alarm functions, watch temperatures inside and outside and extensively change system settings. Talomat operating system can be controlled also via WiFi with your computer, phone and computer.

Adjust lightning, check temperatures on your house, turn off the lights when you want or set time when your car starts heating up from your bedroom before going to sleep.

Independent light groups are controlled from the Talomat-switches in the rooms. Using predetermined (self-programmable) lighting features you can light up own dimmer settings by only touching the switch.

Talomat system can also be controlled remotely , for example txt message, if a GSM modem is connected or if Wifi is connected using tablet, phone or computer. So you are always in touch with your most important place and Talomat smart home system keeps your home in order. Whether you are home or not.

Talomat in public premises

With Talomat-system you can take care of you lighting features and surveillance in public premises just like in home. 12/24V LED lighting gives versatile options to create fresh and unique lighting and it can contain large amount of different lights from small spot lights to indirect light giving lights and LED-stripes.

For example in restaurants or shops you can create prestige and pleasant lightning ensembles which can be controlled from switches or control panel. Lighting features gives an opportunity to create prestige mood- and situation lightings or target your lighting where you want.

In retail lighting counts when you want impressively and attractively display your products. With Talomat-system this is easily achieved and with full control. Lighting can be controlled also with motion sensors (example Toilets), twilight switches (example outside lighting of your retail) or with timer.

Talomat makes possible to control and supervise lighting and lighting features, doors, public spaces or the passage of your premises with Talomat-system in many different ways.



Lightning: 12/24V LED-lighting. Adjustable lighting features and interior lighting which you can control on your control panel, switches or motionsensors (different packages has different kinds of implementation methods). Outside lighting control from control panel, switches, twilight- or motion sensors (different packages has different kinds of implementation methods), complete 0-100% dimming in all 12/24V light groups and normal light control in 230V light groups.

Surveillance: Fire- and/or carbon monoxide monitoring, burglary-, water leak-, moisture-, temperature-, battery voltage- and door surveillance. Fire- and Carbon monoxide monitoring alarms and lights up all lights for emergency exit and also sends alarm with messages predetermined numbers. Water leak surveillance can shut water shut-off valve of your property to avoid large water damage. It can also be set to intensify ventilation when air get too moisturized. All alarms will send to your phone via sms. Door surveillance takes care that when you leave from house your doors are locked and alarms if uninvited guests show up. This also alarms to your predetermined phones with SMS.

Controls: outlet control, car heat control (delay and week timing), electric lock control, water shut-off solenoid valve control and ventilation control (example ventilation off when you are away from your home if your units support this). Also other relay control possibilities are customizable.


10 reasons why choose Talomat smart home system

1.Variable dimming ensures optimum use of lighting. This brings comfort and considerable savings to energy consumption. You can create predefined lightning situations (for example, basic, ambient or night lightning) with the settings you want. Ease of at its peak is when full-mode illumination is just behind the button with the setting you want.

2.Burglary, fire and moisture control is incomparable. Talomat secures your property and keeps you up to date. In burglar alarms, the lighting of the entire property will start a spectacular light show, which will certainly be visible in a distant area also. This attention is not to be missed. In the event of a fire alarm, all the lights light up, which has huge help in case of an emergency, for example, at night or if there is smoke in the property that is obstructing visibility. Moisture alarm closes the main water pipe, which prevents large water damage.

3.Battery back-up ensures that lights and alarms works also during power outages.

4.Works with 12/24V low voltage, which increases safety and reduce costs. Separate transformers, dimmers and drivers are not needed, increasing operational reliability, reducing procurement costs and reducing energy consumption.

5.Self-produced energy. Combining solar panels, Talomat system uses your energy efficiently. The Talomat’s 12/24v electrical system reserves the energy you collect and you can use it to operate your home’s lighting and security, even during power outages. So you can enjoy while your neighbors lights up candles after the winter storm.

6.You can control lightning and other house functions in diversely, either from panel, switches and via Wifi by your computer, tablet or phone.

7.A comprehensive range of components and equipment suitable for the system available from the Talomat retailers to ensure individuality in your home and also to ensure that it works. From one place you’ll get all the elements for house management.

8.An easy-to-use system ensures effortless use of Talomat. After installion you are guided to use Talomat-system. Up to date materials in the website and in difficult situations you can contact resellers or us for support.

9.Extensibility is a one important feature in Talomat-system. From small cottages and homes to large public premises may need extensions or change options to meet your needs. Talomat bends to many needs and situations.

10.The Finnish quality. Talomat-system is manufactured in Finland and therefore safe and functional. System has Finnish Work Federation Avainlippu-badge. This way mechanics, retailers and users has local support to help. We know our product.